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july 2015: bumblebee in oil

Well, like I said, I didn't take very many process photos. But I worked quickly on this, capturing this pretty lady in fresh colorful brushstrokes. It's hard to remember to stop and take a picture when you're in the zone. ;-)

Time for some golds and warmer tones.


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may 2015: mum in oil

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┬ęKate in the Studio 2015

Once the acrylic medium is dry, I start in with the backgruond and some highlights in oil.

I can't resist painting cows. They are so curious. And those eyes!

I start with a quick chalk pastel drawing on gessoed panel. As I usually do, I chose burnt sienna. Then I sealed the drawing with clear acrylic medium.

march 2015: brown & white cow in oil

The creative process is messy and often uncertain. Each time I begin a painting, I have a mental picture of the way I want it to turn out. Sometimes it looks just as I hoped it would; 
at other times, I feel like a bystander wondering where it will go. But as I've gotten older,
I've learned to enjoy the ride, and am usually happy with whatever I paint, even if it 
bears no resemblance to my initial vision. 

I didn't take quite as many process photos as I should have, but you can still watch it unfold.