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Exhibiting member of ARA artist group.


I have worked as a professional artist and designer for over 20 years. My favorite medium to work in is oil, but I also enjoy chalk pastel, pencil, and watercolor. During my career, I have created many commissioned portraits and murals. In 2011, I illustrated a 48-page children’s book in oil called ‘Jack the Cat’ (, written by Russell Horres. This work took two years to complete. Since that time, I have focused on botanical paintings as well as landscapes and portraits. 

My love of nature translates seamlessly into my love for art and beauty. To be able to create art is a great privilege for which I am extremely grateful. 

The goal of my work has never been to express a theme, emotion, or sentiment. To be sure, my work may evoke certain feelings or emotions, which is a natural result of my own feelings shining through. But this result is rarely intentional; my work is representational, and as such, I am simply expressing my admiration for the beauty of creation and the natural world. My heart's desire is to explore with paint what I see in nature; the way dappled sunlight plays on the leaves of a hydrangea in the garden, how the colors of a field change throughout the day, the ever-fascinating formations of clouds paired with their unending variety. Animals, faces and figures, being biomorphic shapes, are also captivating subjects for me.